Crane Road Wanton Mee

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wanton mee by WanderingWantons

Thought I’d do my favourite hawker dish (and this blog) some justice by featuring some of the good wanton mees I’ve had recently. Sorry if the subsequent posts seem repetitive, there are only so many ways to describe noodles and dumplings…Wanton mee has been my favourite food from ever since I learnt how to use chopsticks. And I think this was one of the first stalls that fuelled my love for this awesome dish.

This wanton mee stall is housed in a nondescript coffeeshop smack in the middle of nowhere. Don’t even try navigating your way here without a car. But despite how inaccessible it is, it’s packed on weekend mornings, for the prata actually. In fact, this coffeeshop is more famous for the prata – you’ll see one on each table (and yes I highly recommend it too). But who says you can’t have both in one sitting? You are but limited by your waistline… but I digress.

This wonton mee is simplicity at its best. Springy noodles doused in a thin and savoury dark sauce, topped with lean and tender char siew (thank goodness they don’t slice it so parma ham-thin like some places do). Because wantons are never enough for me, I’d add two customary dumplings. Glad to say that these are one of the fattest, juciest and most flavourful dumplings I’ve ever come across, and all for 50cents each!

I really like the wanton mee here, so do give it a try (and yes the prata please try the prata).

Poh Ho Coffeeshop
7 Crane Road
Opens from 7am until lunchtime


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